Engine Oil capacity 5lt With Filter
Oil filter No. Z79A RYCO
Air filter No. A497 RYCO
Fuel filter No. Z200 RYCO
Timing belt No. 95147 DAYCO
Fan & Alt. belt 13A0890 DAYCO
Power Steering belt 13A1015 DAYCO
Fan to Air Pump belt 11A0775 DAYCO
Air con belt 13A1005 DAYCO
Front brake's bendix DB1116/4WD
Rear brake's bendix DB1161/4WD
Compleate Clutch marster kit PBR number JB1794
Clutch marster kit PBR number K8585
Clutch slave cylinder kit holden number 94058421
Clutch pedel bush holden number 97035885
CV Boot outer number 200-056 repco

Hand break cable right side holden number 97015299

Hand break cable left side holden number 9701300

Idler arm road safe number SX7660

Center link road safe number TR890

LH engine mount kelpro MT8544

Lower balljoint road safe number BJ282

Wheel bearing kit power max KWB1274

CV to stub axle bearing holden number 94407708

CV to stub axle seal holden number 97123691 & 97123692

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